Friday, April 17, 2009

WAR's swan song

(Ever wonder what a city siege looked like. Here it is, enjoy.)

Honestly, after last night I don't know where to begin. Even after a long night's sleep, I am still riddled with complaints and frustration towards Mythic and "their" game. I say "their" game because many people feel that it is "our" game. Well, that's just not the case at all.

Last night on Phoenix Throne was one of the most abysmal gaming experiences that I have ever encountered.

It was encouraging to see so many destro pushing for the city — not at midnight — but at 6 p.m. est. Of course, WAR's true inability to handle anything more than a tier 1 PQ on farm status, reared its inevitable hand.

Players in Eataine started dropping like flies. If only it was due to skilled Order players and not the omniscient server, casting its judgment on us poor souls. Needless to say, many players spent last night in character screen Purgatory. And that was exactly what it was, Purgatory.

Eventually I was able to log back in and push towards Shining Way. Maybe my alts paid enough gold in tithes to grant my main a chance at redemption. We took the fort and then it was off to Altdorf (Lagdorf).

There's nothing quite like having an army of bloodthirsty destruction warriors salivating at the chance to burn a city, only to have all of them looking like dumb asses outside of the city gates because the server won't let them in.

Some of us were lucky enough to get in and at least do a bit of pillaging. My 5-man got in and started burning and killing townspeople. Note: townspeople were not other players. WAR's fantastic end game doesn't necessarily include PvP at the end.

Of course, the inevitable happened and the server crashed while we were running around in the city. It was brought back up two hours later.

So, there we were again, looking like d-bags standing outside the main gate again, but things were different this time. No one could get in to the city. I actually left my desk for more than an hour to watch some T.V. in the other room.

What a total epic end game for an mmo. /sarcasm

After a couple more hours, people were able to trickle into the city. However, it wasn't long before people were cast back into character screen Purgatory to receive their judgment. One friend of mine remained in Purgatory the rest of the night, unable to log in. I sincerely hope he enjoyed watching "The Office."

I eventually became fed up with this giant turd of a game and ported back to the Inevitable City (known as Inevitable Lag when it is under attack). I assembled a group of alliance members to farm Bilerot Burrow.

And wouldn't you know, five minutes into the dungeon and the server crashed.

I spent the rest of the night logged into Vent — not WAR — talking about other mmos with my alliance members. That's when you know it is bad. There's nothing like a chat room of WAR players talking about every other game that isn't WAR.

This game is broken. Literally broken to the point where it can't be played at times. 

Yes, it was patch day. Yes, things can go wrong, but a server's inability to hold stability should have little do with a Rain of Fire nerf and RvR tokens.

I witnessed many friends logging off throughout the night in fits of rage because they couldn't get into Altdorf or out of character screen Purgatory. This game is as broken as our economy.

If it wasn't for the great people in the Twilight Alliance, I wouldn't even log in to this game again. I, for one, certainly didn't enjoy paying and wasting an entire evening with my wife and kid to stare at my character select screen, hoping that I would finally get to experience what WAR is all about. City sieges, after all, is the point of the game that I have been paying for the last seven months.

This game is about as epic as meeting the "Grumble, grumble" guy in The Legend of Zelda. It's about as epic as running into a sliding glass door. Even if the servers didn't suck balls last night, the city siege would have still been my group of people stuck in their Altdorf play pens, while other groups stayed in their play pens. It's not like we would all be in a static world.

Sure, what we do in our play pen affects the world, but I'd much rather ride into Ironforge and start killing players and NPCs, because at least that is happening in the "real" world, not in instanced play pens.

I could go on and on, but I really don't want to put much more energy into thinking about this game right now.

Hey, I hear AoC has a free trial. Been since launch when I stepped into Hyborea. Maybe it's time to revisit and see the changes that have taken place.


  1. You summed that up much more nicely than I did after wasting nearly 4 hours during the PT frackfest last night ( :P

  2. Ouch :(

    It's such a shame, too -- it may not be my cup of tea at the end of the day (I'm more craft & bimble than RvR) but man I really wanted WAR to work out. Still do, actually, but it's sounding like a tougher order with every patch.

    Let's hope we're just being pessimistic. :|

  3. Not just RvR tokens and AoE nerfs. They were also trying to fix lag in endgame instances. It might be relevant, and it's sad to hear it went horribly wrong. Note the emergency maintenance patch for today.

    Also, before you get too upset over how things pan out... Do you play on the PTS?

    If you don't play on the PTS, you're not helping them work these things out before they go Live. Every time I log on the PTS before a patch, I see maybe a dozen people. Then I fully anticipate that the next patch might have some issues.

    These are patches tested on a minimal scale and applied to a massive scale. Not much they can do about it, unless people tend to log in for the massive scale testing on PTS.

    They can only anticipate so much, but you could help! Otherwise, they have to test as much as they can, and cross their fingers when it goes live. Give it a bit to work out the stuff they find from the mass implementation, then make your judgement.

  4. I looked at my character select screen more than anything last night when I could finally log in because I worked until midnight, and kept CTD.