Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Radio: ICP Live! Episode 40

Sometimes, our enjoyment of an MMO stretches beyond zeros and ones, beyond lore and game mechanics. Sometimes it's that meta game — be it the nostaligia, relationships, etc. — where we find the most enjoyment. Instant message us during tonight's show and join in on the conversation. You can listen to ICP Live! tonight at 9 p.m. EST on UltraWorld Radio. All you have to do is click on either the Winamp or Windows Media Player to listen live.

On tonight's show:

• Will Wright, Donkey Kong and Final Fantasy.

• Also, we Get Acoustic with music from The Megas.

• We explore all of this past week's hottest gaming headlines and game releases, as well as this week's best and worst power-up.

• And we discuss the meta game of MMOs.

If you have any questions or comments, post them on this story and we will try to get to them when we are on-air. You can also reach us on Yahoo instant messenger @ incomingpull or hit us up on any of the numerous ways to contact us (hint: you can see the list in the sidebar on the right).

Seriously, it's a LIVE show. Why not IM us and join in the conversation?

As always, you can stream the entire show in the player below, or you can click the download link under the player to save it to your hard drive for eternity. You can also subscribe to the IP Live! podcast and be alerted when a new show is posted or even listen in on your iPod.

alt: Incoming Pull Live: Episode 40
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Make sure you check out DJ Kestral every Tuesday night at 9PM EST on UltraWorld Radio.

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