Friday, July 20, 2012

DayZ: Just take the shot

The DMR.
It was either going to end with me saying, "You're welcome," or, "I'm so sorry."

I was stationed south of the International Airfield, where I was reconning a downed chopper. Crash sites are great places for rare and high-grade military items in DayZ. From a distance, I could spot two weapons on the ground, but the site was crawling with the infected helicopter squad. I couldn't get in there by myself.

A call out to my squad revealed that Sam was south of my location and could get to me in a few minutes. In just a short time, the spoils of war would be ours. There was just one problem — he was being chased.

With my binoculars, I saw Sam approach from the south with around four zombies on his heels. He was in a bad situation. The infected weren't going to just give up.

He ran past the road that I was on and aggroed some of the zombies at the crash site. From what I could see, he had around seven or eight on him now. If he stopped to shoot, he would surely die. I told him to veer back towards me on the road.

Here was the moment.

I could feel it. Anyone who has played cooperative gameplay has felt it before — that moment where a squad mate's survival is in your hands. I checked over my AKM assault rifle. With three magazines I had ample gunfire to take down the horde.

I switched the rifle over to semi automatic to help keep down the ridiculous recoil. Also, slow and steady shots would keep me under control a lot better than a full automatic spray.

I knelt down on the road and brought up my iron sights to spy Sam running in my direction, about 75-100 yards north of me. He was bleeding, which meant that there was no time to fail.

My heartbeat was racing and my hands were tense. I took aim and began.

One and one.

Pop pop. Pop. Pop pop pop.

Three or four fell, just as Sam had to stop to bandage his wounds. As he worked, I zipped bullets past his head, taking out the zombies still clawing at him. As soon as his bandaging was done, he veered off directly towards me. I aimed one last time and zipped a final round past his head, right into the last zombie that was chasing him.

He got to my location, thankful and relieved. I noticed the last zombie crawling to get to us. His will to feed keeping him alive.

I watched him for a few seconds down my iron sights before squeezing the trigger one last time.

With a quick blood transfusion, Sam was back on his feet.

Soon after, our backup arrived. Nate was stocked and ready to assault the crashed chopper.

We armed ourselves and fanned out, Sam on the right, Nate in the middle and myself on the left. We slowly made our way through the field until I had to fire.

"I've got four zombies on my side," I said. "I'm taking the shot. Opening fire."

My AKM rang out amongst the sound of my squadmates firing at their targets. I couldn't check my flank to see how they were doing because of the zombies in front of me. I was able to kill two and injure a third, but just as I was about to finish him off my gun clicked with the sound of an empty magazine.

I hustled towards Nate and Sam, telling them that I was out of ammo. Nate swung around in my direction and quickly popped the two following me.

We were then able to finally search the chopper. I was already looking for a DMR, a high-damage sniper rifle with a high rate of fire. It has zeroing capabilities, due to the mildot sights, allowing for accurate shots from range.

Nate, however, found the holy grail.

The L85A2 AWS is a British Army's assault rifle. It is extremely rare in DayZ. The rifle is equipped with night vision and thermal vision, as well as a multi-zoom. It also has a built in laser sight. It is a dream rifle for any squad member playing support or spotter.

Sam was able to salvage an engine for later use.

All in all, it was a pretty epic mission. And considering that DayZ has been lately handing me my ass on a plate, it was nice to see a reward for the all the effort.

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