Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DayZ: Take time to smell the roses

This is what a typical visit to a city in DayZ looks like.
Well, I made the call and let's just say that it didn't end well. While I was able to escape the airstrip in tact, an infected at a nearby rest stop caused me to bleed out.

When I awoke — fresh on the coast — was outside Elektro. Perfect! There are some great opportunities for gear in the city, but a bigger city means more infected. Elektro is one of two major hubs on the southern coast; the other being Cherno.

I made myself around the northwest end of the city, picking up a hatchet in a barn on the way. That hatchet would end up being very important as my story continues.
Using stealth, I made my way into the city, stopping by a factory to raid it for loot. It was there I was able to pick up a Winchester shotgun and a few slugs. I didn't want to have the fire the Winchester in the city unless I had to for fear of it drawing infected to my location.

After leaving the factory, I headed into deeper into the city, looking for three buildings that are right next to one another: a three-story office building, a pub/hotel and a supermarket. If I could make it through these three buildings I would surely be set with ample gear to make my way north.

As I crawled through some backyards, I came face to face with an infected. Seeing that a confrontation was inevitable, I reluctantly fired my Winchester, taking the bastard down. Within seconds, the horde was headed my way.

Knowing I only had a few shots, I carefully took down a few infected with some well-placed head shots, but I was outnumbered, 10-1. I spun around and began looking for a bottleneck. If I could funnel the horde through a doorway or staircase, then their numbers would equate to nothing.

I ducked into a nearby house and shut the door. Ever second counted and I knew the door would not hold for long. I quickly bandaged myself to stop the bleeding and readied my axe. One by one, I was able to funnel the infected into the doorway and chop their numbers down. I eventually won the battle of attrition against them.

After the last body had fallen, I quickly surveyed my damages and headed back into the heart of the city. And it paid off.

I was able to score many great supplies amongst the three buildings, some of which included:

• an Alice pack, which is the second largest backpack in the game,
• two canteens for water,
• multiple bandages/pain killers for wounds,
• a knife to gut animals in the wild with,
• a tent,
• multiple cans of food and drink, and
• a box of matches to start a fire.

After gathering what I could, I ran to the tree line to survey my newly-found gear. While I'm still without a reliable means to defend myself, I have the required supplies to last indefinitely. While in the woods, I found a small pond, where I set up camp.

I was able to keep a fire going without attracting attention to cook some steaks, refill my canteens at the pond and just relax.

The game has taken an interesting turn this time. I am quite set on survival supplies. I have no problems making fires and it is easy for me to hunt game for food. Water/drinks aren't hard to come by, so I can effectively survive without having to risk my life to scavenge through another city or village.

It's calming to know that I have the needed tools to survive, passively at least. I must admit, sitting next to that pond in the forest, fire burning, steaks cooking — was extremely satisfying. It was a needed victory in a game that oftentimes feels like it punishes the player instead of rewards them.

The idea that I can survive without much risk is very appealing.

Of course, what fun would taking the safe road be?

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